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Akasha has over 25 years of experience in Meditation & the Healing Arts.


She is a certified Classical Hatha Yoga Instructor with over 300 hours of Yoga education. She has experience in group facilitation, teaching yoga workshops, as well as emotional fitness & meditation circles. 


Akasha wants to talk to YOU about how you can implement your own EmoFit Workout to get the results you are looking for and fulfill your heart's desire! 

Emotional Fitness can strengthen and improve  ALL AREAS of YOUR LIFE! 


From Self Love, Relationships, Life Purpose, Career and Balance of the Mind, Body, Spirit & Emotions.


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"This is an important subject in our culture today, emotional strength/ fitness. Akasha does an excellent job of creating space, and assisting your evolutionary journey to greater emotional health, clarity, and empowerment."

-Andrew Escuerdo




"This is an incredible experience. From the beginning I had a good feeling about it, despite being a bit nervous, and was looking forward to seeing just how different this was from other workshops I've done. One thing I've learned is that it isn't a workshop, however, there is work to be done like with many good things. The work done and the way it is done is very unique and the tools I've taken from this have noticibly affected my life. I have stronger relationships with myself, my lovers, friends, and even meeting new people. It helped me to work through feelings I thought were long taken care of and also brought to light stuff I didn't even think was an influence on my being. I highly recommend this course, no matter where you are in life or how far along your journey you've come."

-Karl Harris




"I took a version of Akasha's incredible Emofit coaching, and was impressed beyond belief. I have gone through many transformational workshops and this one was definitely the most concise and rewarding. Every part of you needs to be in shape, otherwise, the rest will fall apart. I recommend this system for anyone that is ready to transform!"

-Riko Chirito




"Raw, authentic, effective...these three words come to mind when I think of The EmoFit Method and Akasha. Authentic because she offers a space where I can be vulnerable, and in that vulnerability, authenticity becomes the natural by-product. Raw because her method takes me down a path where I feel comfortable exploring my gritty & graphic emotions. Effective because when I'm authentic, everything just seems to fall into place. I'm grateful beyond words. Thank you, Akasha."

-Suzanne Cerniglia




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